Galaxy s8 stuck on boot screen

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Galaxy s8 stuck on boot screen

We have to dig a little deeper to be able to grasp some of the things that might have also led to the development of the issue. I understand your phone is still new and we always have to take that into consideration. Now, before we go to troubleshooting, if you are currently experiencing a different problem, try to visit our troubleshooting page for we have already addressed some of the most common issues owners encountered with their device.

Find issues that are similar to yours and feel free to use our solutions or troubleshooting guides. All we need is information so we can help you. The purpose of this troubleshooting is for us to know if the problem is as minor as app issues and that if it can be fixed without any help from a tech because if not, then you can immediately claim a replacement if necessary.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Stuck at Logo Screen [Soft brick]

So, go through the steps below…. However, there is a possibility that the getting stuck on the boot screen is caused by some glitches either in the firmware or hardware. So, this time, I want you to do the soft reset procedure so the phone will perform simulated battery disconnect, which is also effective in fixing glitches.

Press and hold Volume Down button and the Power key together for 7 seconds. If successful, you can do a couple things while in there; you can try wiping the cache partition and do the Master reset. So here are the steps on how to boot the S8 Plus in recovery mode and do the procedures I mentioned a while ago…. We are always open to your problems, questions and suggestions, so feel free to contact us by filling up this form.

But rest assured we read every message we receive.If every time when you try to boot your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus it remains stuck or you end up running in the Recovery Mode, you need to investigate this problem as soon as possible. It could be a minor firmware issue or a third-party app messing with your system, but, at the same time, it could also be a more serious problem. However, as you cannot seem to be able to access your smartphone in the normal functioning mode, you will get worried soon after that.

While troubleshooting is essential and you could, eventually, end up with the device in service, it is best that you take a little time for some troubleshooting on your own.

Our aim, with this article, is to help you determine how serious is the problem of the device, decide if it needs the intervention of a technician and, if not, what can you do to fix your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus stuck in boot loop. Let it charge and try to turn it back on after 10 minutes or so. To be honest, this measure is most likely to work when the device simply refuses to turn on.

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Nevertheless, there are instances when you need to give the battery a boost to make the device boot up normally and even the simple connection to a computer, which would normally trigger the process of connecting another device to the smartphone, could take it out of this frozen state. What you will do, however, is to let it run in an environment where only the preinstalled apps and services will be active. If all the other third-party apps and services are blocked, it means that the simple fact that the smartphone works fine under the Safe Mode indicates the third-party apps as being responsible for the boot loops.

Other than that, your phone should be just fine. And for you to switch from the discovery state and move on to actually pinpointing the faulty app, you will have to do trial and errors with every single one of those third-party apps.

galaxy s8 stuck on boot screen

The thing is that system and app caches can often be corrupted, during normal use or during updates, resulting into what manifests as a boot loop. The reboot from the Recovery Mode to the Normal Mode would take longer than usually but when it finally ends, you should be able to use your device like you normally do. When not even a wipe cache partition had the anticipated effects, the master reset will solve any kind of issues, including the firmware ones. This is usually the last troubleshooting step because it implies erasing all your data and you should first backup everything you have on the device.

Wait, again, a little longer than usually, until your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus will go out of this mode and boot into the normal running mode.Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most magnificent smartphone you will come across.

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy S8 that’s stuck in bootloop [Troubleshooting Guide]

The looks and design make it peerless. The only problem with it is that the TouchWiz full of bloatware. Many people decide to get rid of it by installing custom ROM. In this process, sometimes things go wrong and you end up putting your Galaxy S8 in Bootloop.

galaxy s8 stuck on boot screen

Well in simple terms you can say Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo. It is also called soft brick Today we will talk on how to fix it. Galaxy S8 comes in five different colors.

It has 5. Which makes it perfect in size, totally comfortable to hold and use it with one hand. It is running on latest version of Android that is Nougat. Mostly, the bootloop problem arises when there is some problem with firmware and the phone is unable to properly start the operating system.

If your Galaxy S8 stuck at Samsung logo. First, follow the few easy solutions below that is wiping cache partition and factory reset. Then move to the latter section of the guide that will allow you to flash stock firmware on your Galaxy S8 to fix bootloop.

Mostly, the bootloop problem is solved only by flashing stock firmware but there is no loss trying the easy method first. This solution only works for Windows Users. Selecting the right firmware is very important. If your phone is carrier unlocked and it does not have any carrier branding then you can download a firmware of any country that is not branded. To check branding see if logo of some carrier like Verizon or T-Mobile appears when you reboot your phone.

Although, it is recommended to find the exactly same ROM as the one that was installed on your phone before it got bricked. If you found exactly the same ROM as the one installed on your S8. Note: If the firmware you downloaded extracts more than one file then follow the three additional steps below:. Now Click on Start. Wait for around 5 minutes.

Fix Galaxy S8 Stuck at Samsung Logo in Bootloop

If the flashing is successful your phone will reboot itself. If it was unsuccessful, use some other version or ODIN and make sure you are using the original data cable. Try fa or few times. It will work. This is the easiest method to fix this issue.Restore-iPhone-Data Products Center. All-in-one Android Toolkit to recover, transfer, switch, backup restore, erase data on Android devices, as well as remove lock screen and root Android devices,especially Samsung phone.

I tried to restart it but it is still constantly rebooting. Is there any way to fix this situation? Many users are facing this problem, this problem usually occurs when we update our phone or install a Custom Rom. You can not access your contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, calendars and other contents on your Samsung phone. Sometimes you can fix this by a hard factory reset.

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Luckily, it is not the end of your phone yet. There is a safe way to fix a Samsung Galaxy phone stuck in boot loop. Plus, the program can be used to extract various files from broken Samsung phone or memory card, including contacts, photos, SMS, videos, audio, documents, etc.

You can get the free trial version to have a try.

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ FRP Bypass/Account Remove February 2018 Latest Update

Install and launch the Broken Samsung Data Extraction on your computer then connect your broken Samsung phone to the software. You need to select the device name and model of your Samsung phone from the drop-down list.

Forget the password of your Android phone? Check this guide to recover photos and other files from Samsung Galaxy S6 with broken screen.

galaxy s8 stuck on boot screen

Android Toolkit All-in-one Android Toolkit to recover, transfer, switch, backup restore, erase data on Android devices, as well as remove lock screen and root Android devices,especially Samsung phone.

How to Fix? Step 2. Select the Fault Type Next, select the phone fault type according to your case. Step 3. Confirm Device Name and Model You need to select the device name and model of your Samsung phone from the drop-down list. Step 4. Step 5. About Us This Site is dedicated to providing every Android Phone user with easy, effective, and risk-free tools.If you have any question when using FoneDog products, please feel free to contact us.

It is much easier and rather more effective to solve the problem of Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck on boot screen as you could where is the trouble on your phone.

Take it easy. It is also fine if you have no ideas on why your Samsung Galaxy S6 staying with its logo for a long time. Keep on reading the SIX solutions below and cure your Samsung.

Solution 1. Situations below all will cause your Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck on boot screen :. The reasons above will all arise your Samsung Galaxy S6 staying at boot or keeping the screen with logo. Then, you can try on these ways to reduce the chances of turning up into Samsung stuck time. Free Download Free Download. After charging your Samsung for around 1 hour by using its equipped original charger, press on the power button and check whether it can be normally started.

Take the battery out of your Samsung and several seconds later, place it back to the phone or substitute for a new one. Press on the power button and find whether Samsung is stuck on the logo screen. In computing, it will cause an initial boot of the machine, or warm alternatively known as soft, where the system restarts without the need to interrupt the power when power to the system is physically turned off and back on again.

Here, it is also helpful to fix common problems on your phone by switching it off and on; the operation can be called a soft reset. It is useful for the Samsung series with non-removable batteries to get rid of a frozen or an unanswered screen. If your Samsung stuck on the boot screen is caused by lately installing third-party applications, this method is an expert to solve the problem. All third-party applications would be disabled as well as the phone would be back to default settings when the safe mode is on.

You may easily identify that malicious software or malware arouses this Samsung error since the phone functions in safe mode.

Now, you need to uninstall the applications with troubles and after your Samsung returns to a normal state, you can leave the safe mode. The apps have been not activated as a device administrator. Recovery mode can also help you fix the issue of Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck in boot screen. You'd better back up your data on your phone before you begin to cope with this problem because several instructions in the recovery mode are permitted to delete your data. FoneDog Toolkit—FoneDog Android Backup and Restore is a brilliant software recommended to you to selectively and flexibly backup and restore your important data on Android devices.

Step 1. Keep pressing Power, Volume Up, plus Home button at the same time to enter the recovery mode. Step 2. Choose "Wipe cache partition" to delete the cache of the system or applications on the phone with Volume Down button and press Power button to confirm your choice.In this tutorial we are going to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 stuck at the Samsung logo screen or its near soft bricked. Sometimes it happens that we somehow end up bricking our smart phone.

Though, there could be multiple reasons. But such situations are very hard to face. There are many reasons that such issues happen. As a major part, users end up with such problems post installing custom Rom, recovery, or third-party apps. Even sometimes it happens after we install an application. It is recommended that we should check all details about custom ROMs, and recovery. We must know about all the risks involved, and how to overcome them. So, you must figure out the exact thing that has caused your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to remain stuck at boot logo screen, or it has malfunctioned.

We also refer such problems as soft bricks, and we can easily rectify them. However, you must know the correct steps, and actions. Knowing some technical things should help you to tackle such problems easily.

However, there are some important things you must note. Performing a factory reset will delete all the stored data. Including downloaded files, media, music, documents, apps, etc.

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And this process cannot be undone. So, you must be sure to perform this action. It will turn your phone into factory fresh piece.

Where you need to enter your Google Account details to set up, and start using the phone. This will ensure that all issues get sorted, and the phone gets in working condition. While performing the reset, make sure that you remove the SD card. The factory reset helps to calibrate the performance of the phone. Also, it helps to get rid of things that causes malfunction. That will replace all the custom things with the stock ones.

And it works almost all the time, and brings your phone back to working state. Well recovery mode is something that is natively built into Android power smartphones. The recovery consists of very useful features that helps to maintain the device, flash firmware, custom recovery etc. Recovery mode features very helpful, and advanced features. To complete this action, your phone might take a few minutes. Now, your phone will boot up as it does normally. For the first boot up, it might take some long time.

So, in that manner, we can turn up our phone. Also, this method works for other Samsung smartphone. You can apply this method to any Android phone if you know the method to enter into recovery mode. That ends our tutorial here on about fixing boot logo stuck problem on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.What do you do if your new GalaxyS8 tries to install an update and gets bricked in the process?

Hi DroidGuy, I love your site, it is filled with great tips and solutions. I did the flash using the latest version of ODIN and all appearances were that it was successful. It has now been on this screen for over 8 hours. Are you able to help me out? Apologies for the long winded message, I just wanted to give you all the information possible.

Many Thanks. Solution: Hi Jason. The only other possible solution that you can try in this case is to see what happens if you reflash the bootloader back to stock. Some Android users with similar or identical situation were able to fix this kind of problem by going through this route so you should consider doing it. If your S8 was provided by your carrier as part of your subscription plan with them, you can also ask for help from them. There should only be some slight differences on what file to select to do this task.

Below are the general steps on how to reflash a Samsung Galaxy bootloader. Be sure to consult a more accurate guide on how to do this procedure on your particular phone model. Remember, reflashing the bootloader is not a guaranteed solution for this case. It was low on battery, then it started weirdly flickering, then during my last call the screen died as I was still hearing the other person, then it was completely dead.

I also hear selective sounds sms but not the music on turn on.

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I used to have S3 Mini that suffered many violent hits and still works to this day. Also, no device will recognize the phone. Could a hit result in a dead display weeks after?

And is my issue common? Could there be a preexisting defect that caused the screen to die? And could it have anything to do with charging via a laptop? Thanks, Ana p. I have no idea which version of Android I had. Solution: Hi Ana. Like exposing your device to water or moisture, effects of a physical impact on an electronic device can sometimes manifest later.

Based on your problem description, the symptoms are consistent with a hardware malfunction so the most likely solution for it must only be repair.


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